Beniton...realizing his dream


By: Joseph Cunningham

BENITON.jpgHe says he is a Jamaican born in New York, U.S.A. The statement emphasized his fondness for Jamaican culture, especially Dancehall music. Both his parents were Jamaicans, and so the infectious culture was in his immediate environment, hence, Beniton became Jamaican at heart.

Spearheading a sound system called Hellrazor known today as the Hellrazor movement, Beniton along with his Hellrazor crew frequented New York and the Tri-State area. He became very popular as a Dancehall selector. Accordingly, he attracted Caribbean love, and was invited to carnival in Guyana. "At that event I decided to play a few songs which I had been recording. The response I received was great," he said while speaking to YardFlex via telephone from his New York home last night.

Beniton was a main attraction on the sound system wherever the sound system would play. He was easily identified because of his eccentric hairstyle and electrifying performance when introducing a "hit song."

And, he became more prominent through his collaboration with champion Jamaican based selector, Richie Feelings on a track called, "Bop Yuh Head and Dutty Wine."

"About time the women them tek back the dance floor... We no wah see no man dutty wine..." That's a famous line from the song, and since then, Beniton has been sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in Dancehall, like Baby Cham, Capleton, Movado and Munga.

It is arguable that Benton's songs are characterized by attention grabbing lyrics, and because of this he has been given the nickname, "the Menace," by radio personalities.

Beniton has been recording professionally for three years now, admiring the professional work of such artistes as Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Super Cat, 50 cent and Jay-Z.

With his energies now focused on becoming an established artiste in the music business, Beniton is on the right track and is well received on the underground scene.

In addition he tours around the world as opening act for the legendary UB40 band and audiences worldwide are getting a huge share of Beniton.

Having recently completed a 22 nation European tour, he is off to Africa next week. A debut album is in the works as well, and Beniton describes it as featuring a mixture of Dancehall, Hip Hop and Pop music.