'Support your child' demands Sanchez baby mother


sanchez_&_son.jpgJuliet, the mother of singer Sanchez' 3-year-old son is hopping mad right now as she claims the singer refuses to take care of his child.

"From I got pregnant I haven't received a thing from him till now. I can't do this alone anymore," she shared with YardFlex almost on the brink of tears.

According to her all along she has been playing nice, refusing to bring down any scandal on him, but that is not getting her anywhere, or gaining any help for her child.

Her next move will be to seek child support from him. According her, "If he doesn't want to take care of his child then the law will have to serve it's course she revealed."

According to the Fort Lauderdale-based baby mother everything was just great with the singer until he found out she was pregnant.

Then things changed – although not enough to keep him away from the hospital as he was there to sign his name to the birth certificate.

According to Juliet in an attempt to protect him she told people it was not his (Sanchez') child and he confronted her about why she was doing that.

"When I told him it was for his own protection" he told me, "Monica know long time already’."

After the birth things went downhill as she got no financial help from the singer. She recalled one time her son saw him at a show and wanted to know him. She said she went over and tried to get Sanchez to interact with his son and this attempt was blocked.

"When Sanchez is in Jamaica he talks nice with me and make all kinds of promises to help with our son, but when he touches US soil it's a different matter," she claimed.

"He locks up in the house and I can't see him or hear from him. I get all kinds of excuses and I can't get to him" she shared with our website.

The restaurant worker has now had it with trying to get the singer to "take care of his child."

Managing the baby-sitting cost on her own is taxing her and as far as she is concerned she doesn't see why she has to do it alone when Sanchez is more than able to do his share.

The warning is now out...the papers will be filed shortly...unless Sanchez decides to do the right thing and take care of his son.