Careful who advises you


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgGirlfriends let's have a little chat and please don't think I am picking on you, but how in the world can you sit down and take advise from so called friends who do'’t know how to keep a man but they are telling you how to handle your relationship.

Come on now, you have it going on, boyfriend or hubby may not be the most perfect guy around but at least he is supportive and he is in your beds at nights and YOU have someone you can turn to. But then one little hitch in paradise and suddenly your girlfriend who for one reason or another can't seem to find a man of her own is laying out all your man's faults, telling you he is no good and encouraging you to walk out on him.

Yeah right. I will take that advise from another girlfriend who has a man of her own and knows what it is to give her all to a relationship ...chances are her advise will be far different too!

You know why I am sharing this with you? I am tired of many women throwing away their relationships because of someone who secretly holds a grudge at your relationship and would do anything to have you in her pathetic shoes, then she comes on like this great friend who only has your best interest at heart.

Of course her advise sounds real good (yeah right) and fool fool you follows it to the T and then that man walks out and leaves you in exactly the same position your helpful friend is in...misery sure do loves company.

I am not saying that men are saints and that they don't have faults, it's just that many of you women are too quick to kick the poor man to the curb and then you end up picking up someone who is far worse!

Any woman who is quick to tell you to 'leave the man' check out her motive I think Morgan Heritage says it best in "Best Friends" that woman could well have her eyes on what you are planning to throw away!

Of course there are some relationships you have to walk away from, you don't need any genius to tell you to leave a man who is abusing the heck out of you...some decisions are just too plain to ignore.

But in the meantime, be careful of your friends...not all of them have your best interest at heart. Another resolution you should also make for the New Year is that you will take less gossip about your man... start exercising a little could be worth your while!