Gangsta rap ban in clubs and pubs


375x375.jpgMaybe we all should take a page out of Reading's book in the move they plan on carrying out. According to a story posted on, 'GANGSTA rap' could be banned from all town center venues if a police investigation finds a New Year's Day brawl was linked to the music played inside.

Town center inspector John Relph will meet the manager of Café du Sport next week to look into how celebrations escalated into a fight involving 20 people.

The fight spilled out from the club and into St Mary's Butts when a 24-year-old man was gouged in the head with a broken bottle.

Officers used spray to control the assault and also came under attack during the 2.30am fight.

Inspector Relph said if his inquiry finds the type of music played attracted a "hardcore minority of thugs", then one of the options he will consider is a ban on that music.