Beenie Man's girlfriend Barbee hit in the eye by his brother Blue


beenie&girlfriend_barbee.jpgWhat's really going on in the lives of Beenie Man and Barbee. First there were rumours circulating that Beenie beat her so bad she couldn't make it to a the latest news circulating that Beenie Man's brother Blue 'juck' Barbee in her eye.

Checks with Barbee's publicist Ray Alexander confirmed that an incident did take place at Jagga B's dance at La Roose in Portmore last night.

According to Alexander, Barbee had a small disagreement with Blue and in gesticulating he accidentally hit her in the eye.

"I don't know what caused the friction, I have heard some wild stories, but what I do know is that Blue has since apologized to Barbee," Ray told this YardFlex reporter.

Among the wild rumours making the rounds is that Barbee was jealous because Beenie Man was flirting with a girl, but Alexander dismissed it claiming that most of the girls around were friends to both parties.

The drama didn't stop there though, because after Barbee left abruptly and Beenie Man discovered what happened he confronted his brother...but good sense prevailed and that too was squashed down.

YardFlex was unable to reach Barbee for a comment, but we will keep you posted.