Another dancehall artiste banned


mavado.jpgAnother Jamaican dancehall artiste has found himself in the bad books of Caribbean authorities.

According to a story posted on a website popular entertainer Mavado has been banned by authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The DJ's has recorded songs such as 'Deh ya pon the Gullyside' and 'Dreaming'.

Police Commissioner Keith Miller confirmed that Mavado, whose correct name is David Brooks, was due to perform in St. Vincent on January 19, would not be allowed to do so.

The Commissioner did not give reasons for the denial, but said the factors influencing the decision will be spelt out at a later media conference.

However, speaking on behalf of the promoter, management of Hot97 radio station, said the artiste's lyrics were cited as the reason for the cancellation.

Last week it was reported that police officials were concerned about Movado's lyrics, which were considered to be violent.

The police said the decision was also made bearing in mind that St. Vincent and the Grenadines just came out from a record year for murders and an increase in violent crimes, especially involving firearms.

There were 36 murders on the island in 2007, a huge jump from 13 in 2006.

It is the second time that a Jamaican artiste has been banned from performing.

In the mid 1990s, female dancehall artiste "Lady Patra" was also banned.

  • cho

    gun song a sing long time,when bob marley sey i shot the sheriff,a wa yu tink him a talk,right ya now him a legend,so all a unnu wid unnu negative comment unnu a hyprocrite,mavado a ghetto youth,wey get him insperation from wat he sees in the ghetto,jamaica nah get nuh betta as long as yu ave corrrupt gov,st vincent gov nuh like jamaicans from long time so unnu betta talk sensible stuff.

  • deanieman

    a mi fi tell unnu bout st,vincent dem nuh like jamaicans,mi get tun back an mi is not even a entertainer,so wa dat tell unnu dem nuh like c di coat of arms,dat mi a tell unnu dem fi gwey,a our fault dem ave 36 murders,murda dey all ova di worl,wey dem nuh ban chris brown,alicia keys,and all dem big stars dey our music nuh ave nutting fi do wid dem murder rate fck dem.

  • OH PULEEEZE! Dem nah stop grudge an judge Jamaicans....Dem badminded to ras. Jamaican artistes nah do a ting different from the yankee artistes dem an all now dem nah ban ppl like snoop, or 50 cents; etc. Dem nuh like we but mi nuh business cah if mi did come from on place dat no matta mi vex mi woulda vex too lol. A joke mi a mek but seriously, mek dem move an gweh a try blame fi dem misfortunes pon Jamaicans....Jamaica is still the most rated island an wi nah change fi dem so mek dem tan deh. Big up to all my Jamaicans....str8.

  • ladyfresh

    dont worry yeah movado just speak the f**king truth and just dont get banned from the uk yah nuff love 4 u and cassava piece movado every tink plug inn xxxxxxxxxx

  • sweetest_lil_thing_1

    Wow... I am vincenin living in Canada .... I was home for the holiday's with my Husband who is Jamaican and he was so supprise by the crime rate .... on the note of Movado been banned for Vincy , I can see what the police is looking at I , at the airport taking a flight to Antigua and there were some young guys who I beleive are no older than 15 singing some of his gangster songs .... I hear it with my own 2 ears ..... the guy's there use the songs to get at other guys .... I am not saying that they should be banned , but they should remember that youths at times tends to listen to their songs .... and if the artist are really smart and wants to reach far they should clean up their songs.... just like here in canada they don't want them here if they are singing about gays ... so what they do , they sing a contract that they would not sing any thing like that ... so to the artist ... you can still sing your gangster songs , but also have the possitive one's and even more than then gangster songs ....Guy's don't get on my back now , just said what I think and how I feel

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