Beenie Man and Barbee to Sue 876Radio


barbee_beenie_man.jpgRay Alexander publicist for both Beenie Man and Barbie, has informed the Jamaican music fraternity that he is suing the management of 876 Radio after it reported that Beenie Man had beaten Barbie because she refused to give him a threesome.

Ray said they have since received a letter of apology from the management of 876 Radio. He said the accusations are false and that during the time of the alleged incident Beeine Man was in Miami and Barbie was at home sick and in bed.

Ray says they are however contemplating suing and may just demand that
they (the management of 876 Radio) send a public apology to all media

He further revealed that Beenie Man's lawyer has all the details and is ready to take action.


  • Nano

    Beenie, you know say a a true di man dem a talk but u want to just cover it up. ppl who close know that it wasnt a rumor, u ppl who a say de man dem must get sue fir tell lie.

    The story was not far from the truth, unnuh just get that straight. Mi rate the Real News medias that do ground breaking stuff. it just hurt me for artiste who trying to discredit the man dem thing. look how much other ground breaking story the man dem buss. Nuff sites copy off dem ting fi di news and u all know its true

  • Anonymous

    beenie n bar bee ah just par wid each other dem ain together but dey keeping d music real raaah

  • antfromqueens

    everybody is funny

  • hits

    bahbee and beenie are screwing, now if dem deh is another question

    i read dat she in love with some man a london or somewhere like dat

    sorry fi har

  • youlanda

    beenie u dun know sey u a di boss, u just caan listen to people who a try bring u down. jus gwaan keep di music real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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