Living with diabetes – it’s not the end of the world


By: Joan Wilson

diabetes_logo_slogan.jpg1992 was the year my life changed. That's when I was told I was now among those listed as diabetics. Not having any understanding of this disease, I thought it was the end of my life as I knew it. The first thing that set in was panic. The word itself sounded real ominous and conjured all kinds of images in my panicked mind.

Here I was faced with this new challenge and all I knew was that many people died as a complication from it including my grandmother. I felt as if I was now hemmed in and the corners were closing in real fast.

Most diabetics may feel that way at first, so that's why it is so important to equip yourselves with knowledge and it will really give you the power for living.

The first thing I did was have a long talk with my doctor. Maybe some of my questions were tedious, or might have sounded foolish, but doctors understand their patients fears (or they should) mine took her time and laid all mine to rest. I came out thinking "hey, this may be the best thing that could ever happen to me!"

Just kidding, no one wants to be stuck with a disease, but ironically, I had to thank diabetes for making me more careful about the things I ate. The thought of exercise now manages to move from my thought processes, to actually being carried out, the weight, I was always complaining about wanting to lose, became a reality (although I still have a little more to lose).

The end result is that I am feeling mighty fine these days due to the change in my health habit.

If you have just been faced with this challenge or may be struggling through it, then the first thing you need to change is your attitude.

You can decide to either 'lay down and die' or get up fighting! Being the smart person you are, I know you will get up like a Trojan and fight this thing that has invaded your body.

The best weapon you have at your disposal as a diabetic is being very alert. Everyday I monitor my body. I look at my toes, I check my sugar level, take my medication and note every feelings I have. You can never be too careful where your health is concerned.

Believe it or not, many complications do not develop overnight, it first starts with one oversight, then another. Be a loyal soldier about your body and you won't even remember that you have diabetes!

Yes, I am a diabetic but that has not stopped me from putting in long hours at work, chasing my dreams and living life to the fullest. My point – don't let it stop you!