Vybz Kartel Banned From Bembe Thursday


BY: Kemesha Bolton

jigsy.jpgNews has been spreading around regarding the recent confrontation between DJ Vybz Kartel and Bembe Selector Jigsy.

YardFlex spoke to Jigsy earlier today via a telephone interview to find out from him the true story.

When asked about the incident Jigsy jumped right at the opportunity to 'talk di tings dem.' "I was on stage playing some music, bigging up Bounty Killa and Mikey Pelpa when somebody come tell mi seh di DJ (Vybz Kartel) call me, so mi jus laugh cause mi neva tink nutten."

According to him by the time him reached, him chain pop off and "Vybz Kartel himself gun butt mi, yuh hear me Vybz Kartel himself," as he reiterated it.

He continued by telling us that "a di second time now him try mash up Bembe, two weeks straight, him dis every selecta a Bembe, so him BAN from Bembe fi life." When asked what would happen if he should show up he said "Den di police a go deal wid it cause wi put out a restraint gainst him, nuh Vybz Kartel song naw play a Bembe again." "Vybz Kartel Banned, him a walking distruction," said Jigsy.