Women, put a value on yourselves


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgThat's it, I'm sick and tired of the stories circulating about these wutless women who all they plan on doing in life is to allow men to take care of their needs and buy them everything.

Now I got a buzz from a friend of mine who is going through hell and would she get out of the damn situation? Girlfriend live wid a businessman for years now, all helping him to run the business and then she found out that she wasn't the only one in his life. The vex she vex she fling up a one piece on another man and get pregnant in the process.

Yeah, businessman decide to tek har back...but on one condition that she don't have anything to do with the man who got her pregnant in the first place.

Now, I would tell that man how much string mek him up and weh him can tek him money and do wid it...nah, girlfriend decide that she can't walk away leave the easy living, so she decide to stay with him.

She now getting the cash, but have to live with the mental anguish and the lack of respect not only is businessman still girlie girlie but on top of that she fret every time she have sex with him cause a couple time she pick up VD.

Can you believe in this modern day and age that women still allowing themselves to be treated like dog meat?

My peeps right now a vex till my blood a boil. Cause a really sick and tired of how women are cheapening themselves on the market. So what if the man make billions? You women are so lazy and unproductive that you don't want to strive for yourselves? What about the sense of satisfaction to be derived from your hard labour and looking back at what you have accomplished?

Guess you all won't find that out if you are still waiting for crumbs from the man's table. No wonder rappers are referring to you as as hos and you know what, after the way you hang on to them as if they are
God's gift to women...what else can they say.

As we go into 2008 I want all my homegirls who are leeching on men to make a resolution "I will take care of myself!" and stick to it.