Sting never lived up to expectations


Photography By: Milton Raynor


The word on the street is that Guinness Sting failed to live up to expectations. According to reports from some of the patrons their was no 'bite' in this year's staging.

Beenie Man's presence was definitely lacking as his charisma and the energy he brings to the fore would definitely be more than welcomed.

That aside there were some winners for the night Ninja Man without a doubt lived up to what was expected of him and then some. He gave a super charged performance and had the crowd going with his incisive lyrics and comical stance on stage.


The veterans such as Josey Wales and George Nooks held their own also.

Prestige had a field day especially with the song that has been doing well for him now 'Wi Nuh Trust Dem.'

And the artiste that has many tongues still wagging is Mavado who was slated to perform at 12:45 but actually never hit the stage until minutes to 4 am. He was in total control of the crowd with lyrical loaded ammunition such as "Full Clip," "Weh Dem A Sey," "Bawl Dem A Bawl" among others. But what he received rating for is the fact that he took time out of his performance to hail up Vybz Kartel and we all know the drama there!

Giving good account of themselves at Guinness Sting were Jigsy King, Cutty Corn, Captain Barkey and Wickerman, Assassin, Bugle and Busy Signal.


Bounty Killer who was slated to closed the show did not but before leaving the stage he referred to Beenie Man as 'Fisheenie.' He did his thing, along with his twin counterpart K Queens.

Vybz Kartel and the Portmore Empire closed the show with a not so stunning perfomance and brought the curtains down on what wasn't a very exciting night.

Next year promoters need to adhere to the running order and ensure that there is some semblance of proper organization in place.

  • yes man, mi no seh di portmore mepire di ah bring di show excitment

  • slim d

    beenie entertainer, not dj, good so wat people want a sting fi who a the best dj that is lyricaly hard, not a entertainer but a hard energic dj that pump up ur blood flow, no other than vybz and donia, y would i want a entertainer when i already have one i want the badest artist perform in live colours, kartel to di fucking world!!!, empire mi sey

  • beenie who?

    people come to sting to see di beenie no clash...bounty not a clown...betweenie a pum pum clown...assassin is mi artist...

    alliance fi lyfe..


  • gbvehv

    bounty a clown

  • DJD

    mi neva even deh deh but ah real thing sting neva nice. lol and just suh uh kno Bounty ahnuh nuttin unless Beenie deh deh...!!!!!!!!! odda wise him nuh ave nuttin fi talk bout

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