Don't blame Tarrus for what I did!


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YardFlex caught up with Dean Fraser backstage at TeenSplash and he had a whole lot to say about the incident that took place in Antigua. He is upset about the fact that they are painting Tarrus Riley as some hooligan when in fact he was the first person to run the MC Kenny Knibbs off the stage.

"I am the first man who asked the MC to leave the stage," he stated as he reminded that every singer has the right to tell anyone who they don't want on their stage during performance.

According to Dean the MC did not even take the time to do his homework regarding the band as he introduced Black Soil as Live Wyaa. When Dean pointed out the error to him his comment was "it does not make a difference!"

Just before Tarrus Riley was due to perform Kenyatta Hill asked him (Dean) and Tarrus if he could do a song first... "yardie to yardie we agreed, we had no problem with it."


The MC Kenny Knibbs then came back on stage, took up the mic and proceeded to call back Kenyatta. It was at this point that Dean intercede and told him Tarrus should have worked from 9:00 pm and it was now 3:00 am.

"He started to show resentment from that point on," Fraser explained. He said while Kenny was introducing Tarrus, the singer walked on stage and told him to get off stage.

"Tarrus was the last person to tell him to leave the stage," and even after that the crowd was enjoying the performance. Tarrus did about three songs before Kenny came back with a group of his friends and it seemed they wanted to bring violence to us," Dean explained.

According to Dean when the yardies in the venue saw what was happening they surrounding them and told them that no one could do them anything. It was at this point that the police got involved and escorted them out.

"After that Kenny went on a smear campaign again Tarrus, threatening not to play his songs in Antigua...Kenny is just a DJ whose ego is far up his *ss," Dean Fraser vented.