I don't know how the gun got there – Bascom X


haut_bascom-x.jpgYardFlex caught up with a close friend of Bascom X who is remanded in police custody since a gun was found at his home.

According to our source Bascom is clueless about the gun being in his home.

"He just ran into the person who he has not seen for sometime. They were parring until late so he invited him to cool out at his home until the morning."

"Bascom left and went to do a show. He got back and was standing at the front of his yard when some policemen pulled up and asked him who was in the house. He told them his bredren. He saw the police running into the house and moments later they re-emerged with the gun and said it was found in the house."

"It is a mystery to Bascom the gun wasn't even found in his room," YardFlex source informed.

According to him information from the lawyer revealed that the singer should not have any problem getting off as the gun was not in his possession.

The Constabulary Communication Network report said that the police, acting on information received, went to Bascom X's home at around 2:30 pm in search of a man suspected to be involved in a robbery in the area. The man ran on approach of the cops but was unsuccessful in his bid to escape.

Two other persons - one of them a woman - were also arrested and charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. Their names were not released by the police.

The officers searched the house and allegedly found a .45 handgun with five live rounds of ammunition.