Sean Kingston demands love!


edit_sean-kingston.jpgGrammy Christmas did not bring out the expected massive but the teeny boppers in the audience got what they wanted from Sean Kingston. Although for a while it seemed as if they would miss out on his performance as Sean claimed he wasn't feeling them. "I'm not
hearing my girls and I'm not coming back until I hear you guys," Kingston said before exiting the stage.

Man did those girls scream! Apparently to the satisfaction of the plump performer who made his way back to the stage giving them some 'Beautiful' songs reaffirming his Jamaican roots.


D'Angel booed again!

edit_d'angel2.jpgBoy oh boy it seems that wherever D'Angel goes the boos follows! One would think that the big, 'society' Sean Kingston show would not attract that kind of reaction, but no the minute D'Angel's name was called the boos started! Respect to her though cause she worked through the boos until she got a clap!