Steve Harvey pays big bucks to drop charges


Steve Harvey_mary harvey.jpgWow! Go figure this one out. There is no joking around this for Steve Harvey. According to the shocking Steve Harvey abuse lawsuit has come to an end. Apparently Steve and his ex-wife are very close to reaching a monetary settlement.

Mary Harvey was suing Steve for swindling her out of millions, and for mental and physical abuse. Last week the site also reported that Steve was facing prison time if a judge ruled that he contemptuously withheld vital information from Mary's legal team.

And it appears that the threat of prison time may have caused Steve to open up his wallet. According to one person familiar with the case, Steve offered Mary approximately $10M to settle the suit and Mary is expected to accept the offer.

As the insider revealed "Court documents have Steve's net worth at around $20M, so he's basically offering half of everything he owns to make this lawsuit go away ... He really wants this lawsuit, and all the nasty allegations in it, to disappear because it's starting to hurt his image."

Mary and Steve had been married for more than 10 years. Before the settlement, Mary was receiving only $1,000 a month and no child support from her millionaire ex-husband.