Spice responds to D'Angel


spice_d'angel.jpgIn yesterday's Star D'Angel hit out against female DJs including Spice and people, Spice a talk up di tings dem. According to her if D'Angel wants something to talk about she should tell the people dem a which man she have a New York and she must talk why she tek weh Beenie Man business when she well know sey she neva have nutten fi do wid it!

People Spice mek YardFlex kno dat if she was in D'Angel shoes she probably woulda a run off har mouth too, but "since mi never have a man drop mi like hot bread a doan know how yuh feel!"

Yuh tink sey Spice finish yet here the message weh she send out, "D'Angel No one told you to stoop low in the business and no one stuck you up and robbed you of your morals, your pride and your dignity - you voluntarily decided to just give them away. If no one is brave enough to tell you the truth to your face, from a woman to a woman - oh I mean, from lady to gal, I can tell you this. Us female artistes, we are influences to the young women in today's society so you should have never slept around with so many people and allow yourself to be categorized as an 'artiste groupie'!"

Pram pram! Bwoy from how Spice address D'Angel a one ting we have to say and it is a good thing she won't be on Sting cause she woulda get it good and proper!