Some man hot but dem confuse!


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgBoy, I'm telling you, ever since I started this column I have been getting some stories that are totally out of whack! The latest comes from a woman who is living in South Florida and I'm still blown away by it all.

Can you believe it you all that she got involved with a done out footballer who thinks he is all that because he used to hold nuff money, buy up houses and hot cars and lived the life of the rich and
famous...until nutten nah gwaan for him!

Now hear the whole drama, the man a flex with girlfriend, plus him slap the woman next door which is his baby mother best friend and from what I hear him have a Brazilian woman that him bragging no ends
bout...and with all those women in his life can you believe that the bastard have a man too? Yup, he even picked him up from the airport with girlfriend in the car and the man never have any shame, bragging how the baller planning on buying him a house and both of them gonna live together!

Now what I don't understand is why girlfriend still hanging around a man who is playing around in the rear and then want to bury himself in the promised land?

But the hottest part of all this drama is that Mr. Footballer move the baby mother best friend in and claim she having problem as they are going to take her house away. Stupid fool don't remember that in Florida you can check records online just like that!

Turns out that baby mother best friend easy as ABC cause she not in any danger of losing her house, she just want to get up close and personal to her friend's man!

I hope you all are confused as I am right now. My head is swimming with the escapade of this supposedly slick retired baller. Now if he is that great a girls man then what the heck he needs another man for? Tell me how do you compare a real sexy woman rolling beneath you and you sheathed into her warmth to that of a pumping into a stinky hole?

Then the other thing that has me puzzled is why would a woman sleep with a man who she knows isn't totally straight? The money can't be that great, cause from the sounds of it a few more women competing for it too!

My peeps I am done figuring out this holla at me and let me know what you 'all think?