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Hot Gyal Timberlee…. Sweet like honey, but solid!!


By: Joseph Cunningham

timberlee.jpg"Hot gyal a hot gyal, sweet like honey." These are the words of a sexy new song, titled, "Bubble Like Soup," which has presented 24 year old Timberlee to the Dancehall.

She grew up in Mandeville, Manchester, a highly commercial community not especially known for delivering talents to a genre that is predominantly hardcore.

Interestingly, Timberlee continues to walk a road not common to the Dancehall and that is to be a musician who has high academic qualifications. She is on target to graduate with a degree in Psychology and Child Education.

"I only got really interested in becoming a Dancehall artiste in the year 2000, after witnessing a lyrical clash between Tony Matterhorn and Fire Links at Fully Loaded," she revealed.

Timberlee is now affiliated with legendary producers, Ward 21, and is consistently recording singles. "I'm not thinking about releasing an album right now, but I'll be completing the video for "Bubble Like Soup" and my new single, "No Stress," both within the next two weeks," she confirmed.

Describing her personality, Timberlee stated that although she comes fully loaded with hardcore lyrics, she is high society.

Her razor-sharp and poignant lyrics will take you by surprise, but what is amazing about this young lady, is her thirst and determination to make a major impact in the music industry. As one of the newest female acts on the scene, Timberlee comes correct with her latest singles "Prado and Gucci," "Real Hot Gal" and "Hair Do."

"I talk about the things that people are afraid to talk about. Sexuality and the good stuff," Timberlee said.

The very beginning of her foray into the music bizz was with a song called "Prado and Gucci" that was recorded for Don Corleon.

The young singer says she has learnt a lot since her venture into music. "You have to hold your own and be focused on what you want, and what you want to accomplish. There are a lot of hypocrites in the business and you have to watch your own back."

Her music influences are Spragga Benz, Lady Saw, Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton.

She is highly focused, and her long-term goals include being successful and respected among her musical peers. "I love the music thing, but I want to finish school first; at least I will have something to fall back on. I want to be respected for my work,' she said. Timberlee says her parents are not supportive of her musical aspirations. "Absolutely not. They are not supportive. They are of high society, but I am not in my heart. My father says it's my business, and my mother is always concerned about my being around the people in the music industry," she added.

Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018