Munga Honorable and Deva Brat went fist-to-fist @ Stone Love Anniversary


Shame on you DJs
Photography By: Milton Raynor


Everybody's talking bout the fight that took place at Stone Love Anniversary Party held at Mas Camp between Munga Honorable and Deva Brat.

YardFlex spoke with one patron who was at the show and he had an earful. "Shame pon di two a dem, fi a disrespect the big man show like that. Dem young crop a artiste nuh have nuh discipline, a suh dem intend fi disrespect the business?" he angrily uttered.


The fight took place in the early hours of the morning when Munga hit the stage. Before he could perform Deva Brat walked onstage stunning the massive with the furious fist fight that ensued.

"Bwoy mi neva si anything like that inna mi life. Dem artiste yah nuh belong pon stage, dem fi go a Iraq cause a no music dem a deal wid!" one woman told this YardFlex reporter.