Beenie says NO STING for me


Beeniman2.jpgBeenie Man is claiming that Sting organizer Isaiah Laing owes him over 10 years back money.

The self-proclaimed king of the dancehall who says he will not be at
Sting come December 26, added that he is also upset about what he calls, false reports recently published in local entertainment tabloid, the X-News.

According to Beenie, an article suggests he's requesting US$30,000 to do the annual event. "I never asked Laing fi no money, I not doing Sting and I don't want Laing's money. Every year I do Sting I get no respect from Laing, the securities or no one," Beenie lamented.

But, Sting promoter Isaiah Laing is singing a different tune. While he is refuting claims that he owes Beenie Man back money, the renowned promoter said he is optimistic that Beenie Man will turn up at the event.

Despite Beenie Man's determination that he's not doing Sting, Laing says he is giving the deejay a few more days. "Knowing Beenie Man he will turn up at the event," Laing claims.