GQ shoots "Bad Boys" video in South Florida


By: Elizabeth Smith


Coming out of Miami's Voodoo Lounge, Art Bar and Rodman's Rehab every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday respectively, DJ GQ took time out to shoot the music video for 'Bad Boys," the first single off his upcoming album.

"Let Em Know' is the album due for release in the Spring of 2008 and its hot "Bad Boys" single was set to moving pictures in different parts of South Florida recently.

Several locations were chosen for the video shoot, including Miami, Broward and Boynton Beach.

GQ's solid smooth style has been celebrated extensively as he is the first DJ to pioneer the infectious blends of reggae and hip-hop that he is most noted for.


Currently spinning at Miami's top clubs, GQ has come far since the days in Jamaica when at 14 years old, he secured major sponsorship from companies like Pepsi and Appleton Rum.

Delivering a halting, raga-inspired technique, GQ transcends his skilfulness at the turntables with the song and video that will debut on in January.

Set to be released to DJs and radio the title song, "Bad Boys" features: DMX, Junior Reid and Dawg E. Slaughter.