Look out here comes the Reggae Scrapbook!

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Roger Steffens, Fox.jpgWhat do you get when a reggae archivist and a talented photographer team up? – A beautiful reggae scrapbook of course!

Roger Steffens and photographer Peter Simon's Reggae Scrapbook is a lush historical journey through almost fifty years of Jamaica's rich musical heritage, told from the point of view of two of its biggest fans in North America. It contains over 30,000 words of text, plus extraordinary iconic images from Peter Simon, one of reggae's greatest photographers, and three-dimensional removable reproductions from Roger's world-famous Reggae Archives in Los Angeles.

These include posters, tickets, back-stage passes, postcards, playlists, autographed records, stickers and lots of other reggae paraphernalia.

The book is designed for those who have no knowledge of the
Genre and also for those who think they know everything about it already - and they are in for some BIG surprises.

Reggae Scrapbook came about when Raoul Goff of Palace Press had the idea and he contacted photographer Peter Simon who later hooked up with Roger – the rest now is history where Reggae Scrapbook is concerned.

Reggae Scrapbook is an anecdotal walk into Reggae land and will bring some reminiscent smile on the faces of readers. According to Steffens "the tone of a scrapbook in mind, telling funny or poignant stories about my personal relationships with some of the music's most important progenitors, and some of the lesser-known lights as well, people whose work deserves to be remembered."

Now that the book is finished and out the response has been overwhelming. In Austria and New Zealand reggae lovers have started buying up their copies and it’s already being toted as "one of the best coffee table books of the year" by the San Francisco Chronicle.

And no one could be happier about the response the book is getting than the author Roger Steffens who said' "I feel fantastic. It's the most luxurious of the five books I've done," he said in satisfaction.

Roger will be coming to Jamaica in February 18-21, 2008 for the Global Reggae Conference doing a presentation on the subject closet to his heart – Reggae, while Peter Simon will be in Jamaica on January 28 for one day only.

The book is not yet available in Jamaica but can be ordered on the website insighteditions.com.