Mary J Blige fights for the gay rights


mary_j_blige.jpgMary J. Blige fires assistants who make homophobic remarks because she insists they can't be counted upon. The R&B diva is a fervent gay rights activist and refuses to tolerate people who have issues with homosexuality, this, according to a story posted on a website.

She tells gay magazine The Advocate, "I've heard a couple of guys say foul things, and those guys are not around me anymore. When they say things like that, I'm looking at them like, 'What makes you so scared? You don't know who you are?'

"I don't dislike them or anything, it just makes me wonder about them period... If you're not sure about that, then you ain't sure about a lotta things."


  • Lui-Star

    I love u marry love Love love love U. MJB is the best i i have God is love eternal love

  • LL

    LOL at all these homophobic b!tches posting in this comment area. MARY J. IS RIGHT. F**K ALL YOU HOMOPHOBES.

  • marcus

    mary just dont take wat say in to consedation just forget about that it nothin but a work in progess

  • meliss wattt

    right now it is a free world people do wat wver they want i am straight i av a boy fren but u dont kill people becuz of there sex color language or any people ave a right to live and be free no matter were they r and i support mary j blidge for full freedom of all

  • babyphat

    a weh de bl**dcl**t a gwaan no fish frockin roun here a weh dem feel like. weh ooman deh yah fah!! st8 man and ooman ting a gwaan no rub crotches ting nah appen

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