Trouble in the camp for Rihanna and Ciara



It appears that trouble is brewing on the horizon between Rihanna and Ciara. According to which hinted a few months ago that R&B singer Ciara would be the opening act for Rihanna's European tour.

According to to one of the website's most trusted insiders, the two ladies have been bitterly feuding about the details of the tour. And last night that feud caused Rihanna to cancel their concert in Nottingham, UK.

A person who works with the tour claims that Rihanna has been limiting the amount of rehearsal time that Ciara and her team were allowed. And that the Bajan beauty's team hasn't properly paid Ciara for her performances.

The insider explained that "[Ciara's camp] wasn't about to sit back and let Rihanna's people walk all over [them], so [they] stood up for Ciara ... Next thing you know, the [Nottingham] concert's canceled.
Maybe it's all just a coincidence, but I don't think so." The insider continued, "[Ciara] was told not to show up to the arena to perform ... that the concert was canceled."

And what about the thousands of fans who purchased tickets to see the two ladies perform live. Well they've been emailing in droves. Here's a sample of one of the more angry emails from one of the fans:

"I am a very upset Rihanna fan from the UK. She was supposed to be performing at the Nottingham arena today but the big foreheaded b*tch decided it would be a good idea to cancel the concert an hour before it started.

I was really upset because I traveled all the way from London just to see her. And London is very far from Nottingham and it costs a lot of money to get there. Not to mention that it was a very cold and rainy night and fans were stranded in the city centre. All because Rihanna could not be bothered 2 get off her *ss and give us what we paid for."

She should at least let Ciara - her supporting act - perform because she would have been better than Rihanna anyway. Most of my friends were looking forward to seeing Ciara more than her anyway.

I was so disappointed, I thought she had more sense in that big forehead. Clearly I was wrong!!!!!! Ouch!!