Yeshemabeth McGregor...a composed melody


By: Joseph Cunningham

Yeshemabeth.jpgA famous Jamaican adage says, "Wha drop offa head drop pon shoulder." It refers to heritage, particularly, genetic attributes.

Yeshemabeth Mcgregor is the daughter of Reggae Superstars Freddie Mcgregor & Judy Mowatt (formerly of the I-Threes). She is sister to YardFlex CEO, Deborah Cole producer, Steven McGregor and Dancehall artiste, Chino.

As expected, the musical influence in her immediate environment, drew her into music at an infant age.

At age three, Shema, as she is fondly known, started learning to play the piano and by age seven she knew how to play the violin as well. She made her first appearance as a back-ground vocalist for her mother at age nine and she has been doing so ever since. She also toured worldwide with her father, singing back-ground vocals and opening for him. Shema has released four albums in Japan, the latest, "A New State of Mind."

She explained that her reason for releasing her work there is a strategic move. "I am working on my image...I want to be more than just a Reggae or Dancehall artiste."


Surprisingly, those albums were released sometime ago, and it is now that Shema has reemerged unto the Dancehall scene with singles such as "Buss it Up," "I Spy" and "Convince Me." She also did a remake of Rhianna's "Unfaithful," that did well internationally. "Girl Prayer," "Like This," "Caught Up," "Wanna Get Some" and "First Lady" are current songs as well.

Further, Shema is currently working on a new album to be released internationally in early 2008. The album will be Reggae flavored with a touch of R&B, Soul, Pop and also Dancehall.

"Music is always evolving, so I must evolve too. Music is my passion, so I touch, taste, breath and live music. I am a composed melody, surrounded by the harmony of nature that influences the changing arrangements that are constantly being re-arranged, and will continue to do so until I am no-more," she eloquently explained.