Alton Ellis in hospital


AltonEllis.jpgLiving reggae music legend and pioneer in the development of ska and rock steady beats, Alton Ellis - has been admitted to hospital in London, England and is extremely ill at this time.

YardFlex extends wholehearted wishes for a speedy recovery and we invite our readers to join us as we send out prayers of healing.

Alton Ellis, the older brother for "Jamaica's first lady of song," the late Hortense Ellis, was inducted into the International Reggae & World Music Awards (IRAWMA) Hall of Fame in 2006. It was his 50th year in the field of popular entertainment.


  • Channi White

    My condolences goes out to the family of Alton who was a brilliant artist. May you rest in peace

  • beva

    I have never met Alton, but I can still hear his voice belting out Willow Tree, I'll be Waiting and Lord deliver us. He has been through so much. I had no idea his sister Hortense had died and now to hear this. It is not over until it is over so in the name of Jesus I bind that generational curse that is destroying this family, I rebuke it in the name of Jesus. I ask the God of all Gods to touch him with his nail scarred hands right now and bring a healing. Let there be a miracle in that hospital in London Lord. I bind the spirt of doubt and fear that is around him. Jesus of Nazareth I bind premature death, I rebuke the work of the enemy in the name of Jesus I release life I speak life into his body. The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead is in me and I have that resurrection power from on high and I declare that he shall live and not die in the name of Jesus! Be healed, be restored, come off of him you spirt of death and destruction, I release the blood of Jesus to set him free from darkness, sickness, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, doubt and unbelief. Rise and be healed in the name of Jesus! By his stripes you are healed! Healing is the children's bread. Jesus Christ is Lord, satan you are a defeated foe, loose him you foul spirit I bind you, I rebuke you, I destroy your efforts in the name of Jesus Christ the Messiah! Alton arise, we pray the prayer of Hezekian upon your life, take up your bed and walk, Jesus Christ is Lord! Praise God for what he is about to do in Jesus name we pray as we say thank you Lord for this miracle. It is done!


    Well its October 8, 2008 amazing how time flies and i remember last year hearing the news of my favorite jamaican soul reggae music Icon Mr,ALTON ELLIS here listening to the radio the news comes on that Mr Ellis is seriously on his last of breath in hospital due to sickness, again may the good lord bless you and keep you in Jesus Christ name peace upon you and your family,it was a pleasure listening to your classic music much love peace unto your spirit.

  • sonia

    Dear Alton I have been a fan of yours for many years you are the best please get well.

  • ras Gaks

    anyone got latest info about his health?

    please update me,


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