"Soca Queen" Canadian sales boom despite setbacks


By: Elizabeth Smith

alison-hinds-soca-queen.jpgAllison Hinds' debut solo album titled, "Soca Queen," was literally being stifled by Attack Music Group of Toronto, who was charged with marketing this well produced product in Canada. Producers of the album, 1720 Entertainment of Atlanta and Black Coral Records from the Caribbean released a statement this week that is seeped in abhorrence for the Canadian multi-media group who they say duped them into believing the astounding Barbadian songstress would have been properly introduced to the Canadian audience.

As part of their commitment, in accepting marketing responsibilities for the Hinds album, Attack Music Group, who was well compensated according to the report, promised the best promotion for the stellar soca project; but the words of President/CEO Mark Berry, ended up being wind in this instance.

A disappointed production team, who put great efforts into creating a top of the line disc, marketable to both Caribbean and mainstream audiences, cried foul when their visions of breaking out big in Canada were thwarted by a company who did not live up to their word.

Allison Hinds was well received during a Canadian promotional tour and fans kept on enquiring as to the availability of her album there, only to be put off by a constantly shifting album release date – caused by Attack Music Group's disorganization, the report said.

When the album was eventually released, to the further dismay of its producers and Hinds, the Caribbean community was not included, leaving the album unavailable in Caribbean record stores.

Unable to continue compromising the success of "Soca Queen," its producers removed Attack Music Group as Canadian marketing and promotional agents, replacing them with an independent group.

As a result, the album that includes several songs, produced by New York's heavy weight, Salaam Remi as well as top calypso producers like, Van Gibbs and Chris Allman, is now on the shelves at all major retail stores and West Indian outlets throughout Canada. It is also being tapped into through itunes and is finally seeing some sales success.