Usher Re-hires mom


usher and his mom.jpgThe R&B hunk 'resigned' his mother as his manager - so she could dedicate her time to becoming a wife and grandmother to his baby boy. Reports suggested the Yeah! hitmaker severed business links with his mother when she made it clear she didn't approve of his wife-to-be Tameka Foster.

But Usher insists he had very positive reasons for letting his mother, Jonetta Patton, go.

He tells Essence magazine, "It kills me when I read what my fans think about my relationship (with my mother) because it's so wrong. I didn't fire my mother. I resigned her. Her jersey hangs forever. I could have a million managers. I will only have one mother. Our professional relationship has been very rewarding, but our exchanges can be very hard and difficult. There are times when I don't need to sit and have a business conversation and have us end up bickering and fighting. She has lost years and time. She has a fiance now. I just want my mother to enjoy her life without having to keep a day-to-day eye on my career. I want her to be grandmama to my baby."

And Usher dismisses reports that he's estranged from his mom: "I'm going to need my mother to be there for me, to help me be strong."