ALL ROADS Led to West Kingston Jamboree on Sunday Night


By: Jaide Bridge
Photography By: Milton Raynor


An estimated 30,000 people crammed into Tivoli Gardens Football Field on December 2nd to revel in the great company of peace and fun loving Jamaicans from all over. Every area of Kingston & St Andrew was represented at West Kingston Jamboree; and this was evident by the lack of entertainment activity anywhere else in the city.

What was planned as a treat for Tivoli Gardens residents ended up drawing massive amounts of people like a magnet. Literally all roads led to Tivoli; causing other planned events to run with little to no patrons. Some people just plain shut down.


Asylum nightclub was one of those that suffered the loss of regulars and holiday party goers. When Yardflex passed through, expecting to enjoy the advertised surprise celebrity appearances, we stumbled upon only a handful of people. The usual Asylum crowd was missing in action – except for loyal and talented, Sadiki and his dancers who heated up the dance-floor all by themselves.

Getting closer to Spanish Town Road after leaving Asylum and scanning the rest of the dead quiet party spots, Yardflex wondered if something super extraordinary was going on; as the sea of cars along and around the Tivoli Field vicinity was never ending. "What a whole heap a people...I've never seen so many Black people in one area" an attendee exclaimed. The best part about it all, was that it was incident free.

It was also a free event, and started from early in the day; but by night time the fun got better, as every prominent and not so huge artist rolled into the place. The who's who in Jamaica music was in attendance and some of the largest ones gave solid and rocking renditions to the crowd's delight.

As daylight peeped its Monday morning head, the entertainment became more and more dynamic, with artistes like Bounty Killer, Assasin, Movado, Beenie Man and Kartel performing in the morning hours. Other artistes featured include: Etana, Capleton, Busy Signal, Macka Diamond, Spice, Aidonia and the list goes on.