Hot it Up – full of hits


By Joan Wilson got its hands on a copy of Vegas' new album "Hot It Up" and all we can say is that it's worth the effort of listening.

Hot It Comes with a lot Vegas chart topper and makes the experience an enjoyable cruise into listening land.

The album kicks off with the emotion puller "Do You Know" yes, that same track that shows Vegas sensitive side as he takes a trek into the emotional roller coaster that's called postpartum depression. This song rode every local chart and created havoc on the international scene.

Track two "Tamborine" is meant to take you out of that mood and bring on a more festive vibes. The soca-laced song is just the thing to do it too.

You should be sweating now and ready to really go into a full workout and track number 3 is just the thing to do it "Hot Wuk" needs no introduction. It is still maintaining a dominant presence on the scene and even made its way to the Billboard Hot R&B chart.

The dancing vibes continues with you track number 4, "Tek Weh Yuhself" another song that is creating mad vibes in the dancehall.

This song is showing no sign of fading in the background any time soon.

Vegas and Jovi Rockwell team up for this slow, oldies groove remake of Errol Dunkley, "You Gonna Need Me". It carries a fun vibe to it and you can almost feel yourself getting caught up in the fun and frolic coming across in the song.

"Lean Wid It" comes in at number 7 on the album followed by the mad "Raging Bull" with Over Mars. We are talking some classic stuff here.

Other tracks featured on the album are "Sitting On My Corner", "Bloodstain" featuring Sadeke, 'Gangster Prayer", "We Nuh Want Nuh Friend", "Meck Dem RIP", "Up and Live", "Talk The Things Dem" featuring Opal and "Taxi Fare" featuring Mr. Lex.

Executively produced by Mr. Vegas "Hot It Up" is the album for the archives of classic collections.