Men and shopping


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgWell, in my last article I spoke about what a hopeless case women are when it comes to dealing with car woes...but if you think they are bad check out men and shopping!

No woman in her right mind will want to send her man to the's an experience she won't soon forget. Living in Jamaica you done know how you have to juggle to make ends meet and going to market is a battle of wits and looking for the best deals.

Feeling sick one week, the husband was left with the job. The same money that would see me coming home with a bag full of goodies saw him heading through the door with a handful of things looking rather pleased with himself too!

"A wha dis?" Can you believe it, the man had the heart to brag how
the lady gave him a sweet deal on the yam and few sick looking bananas after she charge him an arm and a leg for it too!!!

Honestly, if he wasn't so willing and meant well all now I would still be cussing!

The other mistake girl friends don't make and that's to let their husbands accompany them while they go shopping. The smart partners already know what's in store and will find any excuse to duck out of it, even sweetening the pot by giving his woman some extra money!

After the first experience shopping with your me the woman won't be asking again and the man won't be offering either!

"Mercy he took all the fun out of shopping for me. You could see the look of impatience, sometimes he asked what's wrong with the outfit it looked fine to him...and why I had to try on so many shoes..." one woman bemoaned after having to cut short the fun day of shopping she had planned.

Men, learn something about us...half the time it's not even the's the thrill of feasting our eyes and then leisurely deciding on what we will be taking home. Don't get it yet?...don't even bother to try it's a woman thing...that's why you don't catch us sitting in front of the tube watching Monday night football!