Oh No, not again R. Kelly!


r_kelly.jpgThat's it, we are convinced that R. Kelly just have a thing for the young ones. Following a story posted on mediatakeout.com where R Kelly's publicist Regina Daniels abruptly quit working with him after 14 years. Regina's husband, music legend George Daniels also cut all ties with the R&B legend.

Initially, it was thought that R Kelly physically assaulted Regina. But it now appears that he did something much worse!!!

According to the website some faithful readers gave them the real 411 on the situation.

Many assumed that Kelly hit or sexual assaulted Regina. But word on the street is the real reason George and Regina quit, is because R Kelly allegedly slept with their 21-year-old daughter [Maxine].

Why is this a problem? She is 21. You say, well the problem is that he has known her since she was 4 years old. She's basically like family to him. From what I've heard he has even referred to her (on many
occasions) as his "lil sis". R Kelly that's just nasty.

And there's more there are whispers that the two may have had a relationship for years. Yup, you do the math...