Lohan attacks Best over sex video photo


lindsay-lohan-picture-6.jpgThey say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and ain't that the truth where Lindsay Lohan and her ex-boyfriend are concerned.

YardFlex understands she went ballistic after a photograph from a sex tape the pair allegedly made surfaced on the web.

Reports claim the actress made a series of phone calls to Best, the son of late football legend George, after a blurry clip from the video of the pair made appeared online.

A source, claiming to have overheard Lohan, said the actress was furious.

"I can't believe you would ever f***ing do this to me, I should have listened to everyone. I should never have f***ing trusted you," Lohan is quoted as saying in The Sun .

Lohan was forced to leave a second voicemail message to finish her attack on Best, saying: "It's everywhere now, all over the net, everyone's seen it, how f***ing could you?"

A representative for Best has denied that he appears in the tape.