Mighty Crown takes World Clash 2007


mighty_crown.jpgMighty Crown is the champion! And only just as they took the 2007 title by a narrow margin from Bass Odyssey.

According to reports the two sounds were going at it 'neck and neck' with both boos and forwards!

Ninja Man started off his segment on a high note getting huge forwards as he in his own inimitable style ridiculed Rodigan who came out dressed in a red and white Elvis Presley outfit.

Rodigan was not out for the count though, cause with his change in another outfit came a change in gear as he stepped up the pace and drew some of Ninja's own clash specials on him!

After a really tight and exciting segment, Rodigan got the edge of Ninja as he drew two wicked selections that completely done the place. Even Ninja Man had to concede defeat but not without a warning, Mi a guh stop deejay and tun selector fi kill yuh Rodigan!" It
was however done in a friendly way and patrons didn't take it as a 'real clash'.

edit_beenie_ninja_matterhorn.jpgThe excitement in Amazura went to another level when Beenie Man clashed with Tony Matterhorn. This segment was very exciting as Matterhorn drew some first clased tracing tunes on Beenie Man and pulled out the first big forwards.

As Beenie Man went into his slot, he too got a big response. Both Beenie and Matterhorn continued to go at it with the crowd still not choosing the winner. Some patrons gave the nod to Beenie Man while others said it was Matterhorn and seemed too close to really call.

The Amazura was filled to capacity and fans were pleased with promoters Irish and Chin for giving them their money's worth. Already fans are looking forward to the next big world clash in 2008 where bigger things are anticipated to take place even though 2007
world clash is said to be the 10th and last.