Meet Bronx-based gospel artiste Dunamis


By: Joan Wilson

Dunamis_gospel-artiste.jpgNow here is a gospel singer who has truly seen and done it all and is now on fire for Jesus. Through his mistakes he is now imparting the words to others so that they can avoid the same pitfalls.

Neil Hall aka Dunamis is on a mission to reach the world with the transforming message of the Power of God.

Born in Bull Bay, St Andrew he left Jamaica at the age of 10 then got "shipped back" to Jamaica on a one way ticket by my single mom who was out of her elements with his street activities of robbing and possessing and selling guns.

After returning to Jamaica he attended Kingston Technical for three years.

Strange as it might sound inspite of his street life on Sundays he would be in church and in the summer at church camp. He actually made an attempt to serve Christ in 1993 when he accepted the Lord as his

That didn't last he backslid the same year and lived the life of the prodigal son with riotous living as he says.

"My crew and I use to throw big sound parties and running women."

Soon Dunamis started taking an inward look at his life and realized it wasn't as fulfilling as he thought. That's when he asked the Lord to give him another chance to go back to the States and he promised to dedicate his life to Him.

"I called my mom and she said yes I could come back and I kept my promise."

Since giving his life to Christ Dunamis says, "I am a new man and a new creation old things are passed away. I put God first in everything I do we send it up in Prayer. His words declare that he knows the plans he has for us plans to give us HOPE and a FUTURE but we have to seek him believing in our hearts."

The gospel artiste had encouraging words for young people and it's simple, "Give your life to Jesus Christ, when you do so your life will change for the better. Don't get me wrong you will still have struggles but the Lord will be with you every step of the way and trust me Christianity is not boring."

Since his trek into Christendom Dunamis has shared stage with Papa San who is also a brother and mentor to him, Stitchie, Shelly Thunder, The Grace Thrillers and Carlene Davis just to name a few.