New Look to Jamaica Festival 2k 8

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By: Joseph Cunningham


In an effort to increase the number of persons entering Jamaica Festival 2008, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), made several changes to the previously existing syllabus.

This will include the expansion of eligibility rules, which will allow more people to enter the various categories of competition, increasing the probability of more items making it to the National Finals.

The new rules of the competition will now allow for highest-scoring gold medalist in each age class and category at the parish level to be eligible for recommendation to the Nationals, and other finals.

In an effort to sensitize entrants about the new rules, which will come into effect in June 2008, the JCDC will be hosting a series of workshop seminars across the island. The workshops will target all teachers and leaders in the areas of music, drama, speech, dance and traditional folk forms.

The JCDC will also provide free copies of the new syllabus. "The commission wants to encourage more persons to enter - persons who would have never thought to enter - to participate in this year's competition," Miss Renee Robinson, Director of Programmes at the JCDC, said.

She added that the changes in the programme are designed to move the Performing Arts festival from being primarily dominated by school groups and further encompass community and individual participation.