Reggae Explosion 2007


By Olimatta Taal


Despite a shoot out at inside a local Fort Lauderdale Club a few weeks ago, Reggae Explosion 2007 held at Gold Coast Skating Rink still brought out loyal fans to a show organized by Drop Di Bass Records, Red Square Productions, and Kalonji Records. Early juggling began with music from Bambino Sound Family, Swatch International, D-Nice, Daniel, and Super Sound.


The show began with a magnificent and energetic performance by the original dancehall king, Yellow Man. He deejayed a number of hit tunes like I'm getting Married, BlueBerry Hill, Zunguzung, and tribute song to orphan children with a similar experience. He performed with Sagittarius Band bringing live music that had the club rocking.


Just when the crowd thought they had enough, out came female artist Calibe, showing that she could hold it down just as well as everyone else with her melodic background singers delivering her single’s Energy and Take Over. She bridged her set with music that was inspirational to sexy and illuminated it even more when she brought out some dancers to accompany her on stage.


An entourage of performers representing the Red Square Camp kept the audience on their toes which included performances by Greg Hines, Mad Anju, Mr. Peppa, and Spragga Benz. Greg Hines had the audience eating out the palm of his hands with War Alone and other hits. Stop Mi If You Can and Fatty was a favorite for the fans of Mad Anju. Mr. Peppa had the people wanting more as he sang When Last, Talk, and Gangsta Guerilla. However, it was Spragga Benz who had the ladies feeling good with his new song Take It Slow. He also performed a number of hits like Jack It Up and Wi Nuh Like.


The night was moving quickly but the crowd began to get antsy as Sizzla Kalonji had not taken the stage yet. You could hear fans anticipating his performance as they screamed his name which could be heard clearly from behind the stage, "Sizzla, Sizzla, We want Sizzla." Backed by the Firehouse Band, he delivered a prolific set with fans craving more as he sang Get To The Point, Thank You Mama, Black Women & Child, Take Myself Away and other songs from his catalogue of over 1000 songs.