Women and cars


By Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgFor the next couple of articles I will be exploring women and men's responses to any given situation. Both have their strong points and their weak points and that's what drives each other crazy.

Now having said that I will go into a topic that certainly doesn't leave most of us women in a favourable light. And that's how we deal with car ownership.

It's a drama observing three quarters of my friends when they have a puncture to deal with...honestly they don't have a clue about changing tires!

One of my home girls shamelessly confessed that "I just come out of the car, 'panker around' and sure enough a kind Samaritan stop to help."

Another of my home girl said she came out of the car, looked absolutely helpless and a guy stopped and "sorted her out!"

For myself now the personal grief comes in trying to buy car parts. Oftentimes you give the make and year of the car and the sales person throws a question at you like "what size engine is it, what kind of battery does it use?" Poor me, I thought battery was battery!

The classic came one day when the AC in the car was not working, and having just topped up on the gas in the tank went to an expert to check out the problem with the AC. He made a comment to the effect, "maybe it wants gas" Now bright, bright me, promptly answered, "No I just filled up the tank!"

I knew something was wrong when I saw the look that came across the guy's face – you know like he was trying to stop himself from collapsing. Of course I must give him credit as he patiently explained that he meant the AC wants gas...like how was I supposed to know that AC uses gas.

Yeah I know you guys are cracking up and I am not ashamed to say that it is a challenge to be a car owner as that aspect doesn't come natural to us.

Home girls you know I am telling the truth, we love to profile in a good car, but the headache of servicing, changing flats and sourcing parts...well we can well do without that.

Peace out until next time when I pick on the guys. Oh I hope you realize I can actually write about other things than sex!