Diabetes threatens global health like: HIV/AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria says UN

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By: Elizabeth Smith

diabetes_logo_slogan.jpgYesterday, November 14, was World Diabetes Day and it marked the first time that this monumental vehicle of "Diabetes Awareness," travelled across our globe - spurring on efforts of prevention as well as heightening perceptions on what can be done to control the disease; preventing or delaying life threatening complications.

Diabetes currently affects 246 million people globally. This historical day was especially for all of them and the many millions more at risk,

On this first United Nations (UN) observed World Diabetes Day, Diabetes communities got together to celebrate the long awaited existence of a day that recognises the severe risks posed by Diabetes and urged understanding of the disease overall.

The result of a UN landmark resolution of December 2006, November 14 has become a United Nations observed day. Marking the date of Frederick Banting's birthday who along with Charles Best first came up with the notion of insulin in 1921, November 14 will bolster a major global awareness campaign from now on.

The resolution recognized that diabetes presents as great a threat to global health as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Introduced by International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization (WHO), the idea to have a day focusing on Diabetes came as a response to concern over increased numbers of people living with the disease around the world

Many activities took place to mark this day globally. In New York, the IDF's activities included the formation of a human blue circle – the symbol for Diabetes - on the grounds of the UN, a march and a Diabetes education rally that included musical performances and celebrity appearances. For more - go to: www.idf.org.