'Baba Roots' will give you energy for the new Rush Hour Night Club


By: Joseph Cunningham

baba_roots.jpgIn a rush, the drink has become a huge favourite, and, in a rush, William "Baba Roots" Wilberforce Webb has become one of Jamaica's most successful entrepreneurs.

Yes! He is the man behind what is arguably the most popular herbal energy drink in Jamaica – Baba Roots - and its popularity is soaring throughout the wider Caribbean and the world. As a result, it is the most requested drink consumed by dancehall's world renowned artistes, before they ascend the stage.

Baba Roots told Yardflex that the drink increases sexual energy and alertness as well!

It is marketed in Jamaica as a home-grown and natural alternative to Red Bull and is considered an ital food product. The drink has been mentioned in several songs including "Stand Firm" by Bounty Killer.

A perpetual entrepreneur, Baba has come up with something new and exciting; the "Rush Hour Night Club" located on Pines Plaza, Junction, St. Elizabeth. The club opened last Saturday night with guest appearances from Ninja Man and Bling Dawg. Comparable to many top class night spots, Rush Hour Night Club could be mistaken for a major club in any of the world's metropolitan centres. It is fully air-conditioned and cozy; with a lounge area covered in leather, a huge dancing area, psychedelic lights and a nice stage. There is also a gazebo provided for persons who do not wish to party at the bar.

Rush Hour Night Club will be opened from Thursday through to Sunday of each week. Thursdays will be characterized by free admission for ladies on "Ladies Night." Friday nights will be "Afterwork Jam," Saturdays, "Dancehall Night" and Sundays will be "Oldies Night."

Baba expressed appreciation for the positive response he has received from Jamaicans toward his herbal drink, and proceeded to reveal to Yardflex a number of added advancements to the same. "I have established a state of the art industrial facility in Darliston, Westmoreland, and my birthplace. That is where the drink is manufactured." He also revealed plans to construct a water filter system. "When that is completed strictly chlorine free water will be used to mix the Baba Roots herbal drink," he affirmed.

After living in the United States of America (USA) for 18 years, he was deported for selling marijuana. Now Baba says his life and success are a living testament to the determination he possesses. Since his crime was not considered to be "grave criminality," Baba says there was no disgrace attached to the deportation order placed on him. Instead he was sent back to Jamaica with his travel documents and his integrity. He told Yardflex, "I want you to mention the deportation information, because it will give hope to others that with a strong desire for a better life success is achievable."

Today the "drink" Baba has concocted is very popular among the Caribbean Diaspora in the USA.

  • jahlasii

    Mi just wa fi big up mi fada baba root u don know say a jolly

  • Appleface

    As many will see, I am just getting the chance to catch up on the Jamaican vibes. Read this story and was very impress. Keep up the good work, many blessing and guidance on your club, hope and pray it will be very successful for you. '

    About your herbal drink, where in the US can I get it to buy? If not, why don't you try and get it distribute here, I am sure it would be a success here.

    As a matter of fact I live in Georgia, in the Atlanta area.

    Big up to the Rasta, and much guidance and blessing.

    Being deported is not a crime.

  • anthony sinclair

    yea man a drink deh mad.....mi rate it.....it keep yuh up yuh si weh mi a seh...yea.....congrats to di man.....all wen mi a guh a foreign mi mek sure mi bring up fi mi fadda....congrats to babba....yuh drink large.

  • world talk

    you have to big up vybez kartel him put it in a him song and make a lot more people know about it.

  • Wade Cameron

    Big up to baba roots mon who a mek someting a him self. More people need fi follow him lead an a try mek nuhing outta sometime. Mi see dat now a a nuh di product itself but a di way yu advertise it. Big up to Wilberforce Webb!

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