Steel Pan music to replace dancehall!


patrick_manning.jpgIn an article in the Trinidad Express Prime Minister of Trinidad Patrick Manning at the official launch of the steel band Divine Echoes expressed the hope that it would replace their desires for music forms such as reggae/dancehall, hip-hop and other popular genres which in his opinion "do not result, in the kinds of directions that we consider ideal for the young people of Trinidad and Tobago."

The T&T PM is hopeful that the recently launched band, Divine Echoes, will sway the youth away from illicit living by turning them on to a more pristine form of music as opposed to the fare they are presently exposed to via the mass media.

Just how one will convince the young people to turn away from their cherished Jay-Z, Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Soulja Boy, Munga, Fiddy, T-Pain and others of such ilk for the "Green Green Grass Of Home", none including Manning have yet explained.

Well, from where Yardflex stands he has his job cut out for him!