Jay Z cheating on Beyonce


jayzandbeyonce.jpgHmm, Beyonce's away touring in Asia and her fiancé Jay Z is wasting no time in seeking female attention!

According to website mediatakeout.com they have exclusive information which points to the fact that the hip hop superstar has struck up an intimate friendship with a biracial exotic dancer.

The young woman, who dances part time at an upscale New York gentleman's club, has been spotted all over town with Jay Z in recent weeks. And word is that she's officially on Jay Z's payroll.

We spoke with one of Jay Z's colleagues at Def Jam who told us all about the label head's new gal pal. The insider told MediaTakeout.com, "It's shameless. [Jay Z] takes her to [promotional] events like she's one of the team. No one here even knows what she does... well we know what she does, but we don't know what she does for [Def Jam]." The insider added, "If you're going to sleep with that stripper then fine - but why do you have to bring her into your business. That's just plain dumb."

Well I guess the real hottaclaps will take place when Beyonce returns and gets wind of all the gossip...but then again we never did see what she saw in him.