Gi mi back mi ….!


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgHey girls this one is for you and the only way a can tell this one is in straight caan phrase no odda way, trust me. For all you foreigners whey nuh understand di language meck smady translate...cause it hot.

Yeah man one woman contact Yardflex and beg mi fi chat bout dis ya one and fi tell you di truth a nuh really my style but fair is fair...mi open to any topic unno want and just because mi tink it too strang fi mi stomach, dat nuh mean sey mi nah go talk bout it.

Da one ya called teck back yuh f—k. Trust mi peeps, di woman email sound strong and mi coulda pick up di vexation from how she write. Mi nuh know whey di bredrin do har, but she waan back deh piece weh she
gi him bad!

Yuh eva si a man, tink him is all dat and let off the sweet sweet punash pon him. Mi a talk kack up, lizard lap, foot pon shoulder, spoon and saucer and helicopter...yes, di same ting weh Lady Saw a talk bout any style yuh want, you know you can get it!

Bottom line yuh really guh all out fi please di damn man and a few months later yuh si him and wonda wha did teck yuh. Smady must did gi yuh a rhatid lick inna yuh head fi yuh all go sleep wid smady like dat.

Yuh buck him up and di man a act like one piece a cruff and pon top a it, him nuh look so hot like how yuh did tink. Di prince tun out fi be one big Bhutto and pon top a it him a gwaan like him waan all come
hype pon yuh tuh!

Di fuss ting come a yuh mind is "a wish a coulda teck back mi f..k whey mi did fling on pon him. Him nuh worth it."

Lawks man, yuh shame nuh backside fi tell homegirl sey yuh did really fling it up gi deh cruff deh so when she all a criticize him yuh haffi act like sey yuh wouldn't touch him wid a long stick!

A nuff nuff woman waan teck it back, but di ongle tink wrang wid da picture deh is dat di man a guh end up get it two times!

Well all mi haffi sey is meck sure yuh really waan fi fling it up before you gone skin out and open up fi di man...cause once it go in and him kick caan teck it back again!

Peace out! And beg yuh duh...doan ask mi fi chat bout dem slackness yah again...mi nuh dat bruck out yuh know.