Big celebrity matey war!


gabrielle_dwayne_siohvaughn.jpgBasketball star Dwayne Wade's wife is hanging onto him for dear much so that she literally took the fight to her matey actress Gabrielle Union.

According Siohvaughn Wade recently traveled to Miami to physically confront Dwayne's latest fling - Gabrielle.

The website tracked down one of the more colorful members of the Wade family who told them all the details of Siohvaughn's recent Miami excursion. The tipster explained, "Dwayne and Siohvaughn have been trying to work out their marriage, but it's hard to do that when there are so many thirsty women all up under him."

And according to the insider, Dwayne's intimate relationship with actress Gabrielle Union was one of the main impediments to the couple's reconciliation. Siohvaughn's kin explained, "You have to understand, those two were friends. For [Gabrielle] to now be dating [Siohvaughn's] husband is just plain wrong...So [Siohvaughn] packed her bags and went down [to Miami] with two of her girlfriends from the Chi and they were ready to get crazy."

And according to the family member, things were about to get explosive. The insider explained, "Siovaughn called around and found out that Gabrielle was going to be appearing at a [local Miami club] - so they all planned to go get her...It was like a scene out of
'Waiting To Exhale'."

But luckily for Gabrielle, our insider tells, Dwayne tipped her off to his wife's plans. The insider told, "Siohvaughn's made one mistake - and that was telling Dwayne what she was going to do...But maybe it was for the best, because if they would have caught Gabrielle, someone would probably gone to jail."

While Siohvaughn didn't get what she came for, she may have gotten something better. According to the insider, "Siohvaughn and Dwayne spent the entire week together...I think they are going to make it."

Whew...the things a woman will do to keep her man!