Phone Sex can be great fun


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgYeah yeah, this one is not for the prim and proper out there. It's for people who just love excitement and like doing something different. How you think I keep my man happy...cause whether him beside me or out of the country...him get him pleasure same way!

So this one is for all the lovers who have to separate from time to time and straight up you have no desire to cheat, here's a good alternative.

Well, who says sex between both of you can only happen when you are physically in the same place. Why not eliminate the distance by taking the excitement to your lover?

The next time he calls you on the phone, just blow his mind. Let him know you are missing him like crazy and that you are burning up and need some satisfaction.

Remember, this is not for those who are shy; you have to open up and come on as tantalizingly and seductively as you can, or else this will never work.

Make sure you are alone in your room with no distractions, then set the play in motion. If you don't have a vivid imagination, this might not be as successful.

Listed below are some tips to aid you in giving that man of yours a whale of a time on the phone – trust me, phone conversation will never be the same again!

• Put that sweet tongue of yours to good use. Your voice should range from softly seductive to cooing. Know when to whisper and when to inject urgency in your voice. Remember, you determine the mood.

• Set the scene as if he is at home. Candles, negligee, pour yourself over the bed or floor like a cat, then dial the number...and start the action. Prepare him for the whole play. Take his mind back to a stormy session you had. Tell him to close his eyes, and lean back against the couch, or bed. Slowly undress him. Tell him what you are doing to him...get the drift?

• Don't leave anything to his imagination. Tell him in vivid details just what you are doing to him (and yourself). Tell him how it's making you feel.

• Knowledge is power. Isn't it great that you know your lover's weaknesses. Well use them to drive him crazy. If he's sensitive at a particular spot, tell him just what you are doing to it. If he eats you alive when you are in a particular outfit, then describe it in detail.

• Open up. Since he's not beside you and don’t have to feel self- conscious, ask him what's his wildest fantasy and see if you can bring it to pass over the phone.

• When you feel that moment coming on don't be afraid to let him hear your increased breathing, make all the sex noise you normally do. Urge him along with you until you have both climbed that stimulating peak.

If your lover is away, expect a phone call later...don't put these valuable tips to waste…have the experience of a lifetime.