Record 57 medals for Jamaica at Special Olympic World Games


By: Dwight Fraser and Devon Anderson


Jamaica secured a record 57 medals at the 12th Special Olympic World Games In China in October, shattering the previous best of 37 garnered in Ireland in 2003.

The Jamaicans participated in eight sporting disciplines. They were: Track and Field, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Bocce, Badminton, Swimming and Roller Skating.

Virtually lighting up Shanghai, the Jamaicans developed a cult like following ....never mind the peas bread, and the vegetarian goose with blended carrot Yangzhou style.

That 13 hour flight across the Atlantic only served to rev up the Black Green and Gold delegation of 55 Athletes and 11 coaches.

The Special Olympic Reggae Boys took China by storm, in living up to Munga Honourables, 'Bad from mi Baan', beating everything in front of them. Led by Sydney Manyan and Rocky Lindsay, they wrapped up a memorable sting with a five nil win over China, in the final.

Jamaican Swimmers secured 11 Medals in their splash led by Kadian "good like gold" Ingleton, who secured 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

In addition three other athletes who stood out with excellent performances were Coy Briscoe in Track and Field, Ryan Farquarhson in Track and Field, and Terry Burgess in Bocce.

Briscoe with two bronze medals, one in the half marathon event and the other in the 1500 meters, taking third place in the grueling Marathon event in just 1 hour and 36 minutes.

Farquarhson in his third stint at the World Games level, secured 1 bronze in the 500 meters, a silver in the 2x300 meter relay, with compatriot Richard Habib, getting his gold in the 300 meters. While Terry Burgess was responsible for raking in a gold in the men's singles event, a silver in the doubles and a bronze in the team section.

Executive Director of Special Olympic Jamaica Lorna Bell explained that she was satisfied with the performance of the coaches, and athletes for their effort in flying the banner high in the Oriental Pearl. Bell was given the Order of Distinction (Officer Class) upon her return from China.

One athlete said, on the night before Jamaica left Shanghai that - the Jamaicans sell off!