Steelie Bashment still New York's Champs


steelie_bashment2.jpgSteelie Bashment has been New York's champion sound for 17 years and they've worn that city's "Sound of the Year" crown for more than 7 years. As a major forerunner in the rich culture of reggae music in New York, Steelie Bashment has developed over the years, becoming a brand identified by its Caribbean flavored music, media and entertainment.

No longer just a sound system, Steelie Bashment also created 'Waah Gwan Internet Radio' and the annual Steelie Bashment birthday/anniversary celebrations have also become a much anticipated event. Since its inception in 1990, Steelie Bashment's mission has been to not only spin the cutting sounds in the dancehall, but to also be a leading force in Caribbean entertainment internationally.

Selector and founder, Dwayne "Steelie Bashment" McKay went about accomplishing his goals, armed with an arsenal of the best in contemporary and vintage tunes spanning not only the Caribbean culture but also R & B, Soul and other popular genres. Born and raised in Brooklyn to Trinidadian and Jamaican parents, McKay grew up in a deep Caribbean musical mix that influenced his decision to become a selector for a number of sound systems. He honed his skills with 'sounds' like: Spectrum, Stereosonic, Thunderbolt, Afrique, Addies and Silver Hawk. A former member of the dream team – "Bashment Squad," that consisted of Tony Matterhorn, Super Twitch and Super Claude, McKay was inspired to branch out on his own after Matterhorn's post Addies success.

After all this time it is no wonder that Steelie Bashment has an extensive following. The sound system is known all over North and South America, Europe, The Caribbean and Asia. Capitalizing on this popularity, Steelie Bashment expanded, adding promoter/event producer to his list of activities.

In 2003 Waah Gwan Radio, an internet radio link was launched and in a short time began racking up ratings that are the envy of most world wide web radio links. Waah Gwan Radio streams live from 6pm to 2am on Weekdays and 24 hours on weekends at

"Steelie is hungry – I want it all," the brilliant and talented businessman declared. He maintains that it was his own drive and hunger for success that kept him at the top for 17 years, and he is still climbing. "No matter what, I just keep going harder and harder," he said.