Virgin Atlantic boss re-records "One Love" to boost new flights


richard_branson.jpgVirgin Atlantic's billionaire boss, Sir Richard Bronson was in Jamaica this week to tighten up loose ends as he prepares for next week's inaugural flight between London and Jamaica. In keeping with a new code-share agreement between Air Jamaica and Virgin Atlantic, the UK based airline is taking over from Air Jamaica on its UK - Jamaica flights.

On Tuesday, October 30, Sir Bronson visited Tuff Gong Studios where he recorded a version of 'One Love' that will be used as a tool to attract millions to Jamaica's shores. The collaborative effort with Stephen Marley and the I Threes was just one of several planned events to set off this new and exciting venture.

Strawberry Hill also became a hub of excitement as a press conference hosted there welcomed 19 journalists from Europe, who accompanied the Virgin Atlantic team, as well as hosts of Jamaican based media. Fab 5, Chris Blackwell, Marcia Griffiths and Copeland Forbes were among those present.

In May, service to London was discontinued by Air Jamaica who reported losses in 2006 of US$27 million. The code-sharing deal, which includes the sale of Air Jamaica's London slot, was signed by Jamaica's previous government and after meeting with Prime Minister Golding on Wednesday, Sir Bronson is satisfied with the new administration's assurance to honor all contracts reached with the People's National Party (P.N.P) and Virgin Atlantic.

  • Happy New Year, Sir Bronson !!

    Greatings from Transylvania,

    Marc Cerny

  • Global Rasta

    Jamaica let u light shine, a time fi onu start raspect da RASTA Dem, look how long Bob Marley set da foundation, we still a benifit from him works yet No rasta no de pon di Ja Money. Rasta still a get lock up fi a spliff Rasta jah know We need fi Legalize Ganja, America a sell it, England and Canada too plus Holland a make nuff money a fi wi time now, Look how much Job would a create, Ganja clothes we could a make, all the plane Outside-inside parts could a make from Ganja 2. Free wi up rasta or di Ja Dollars a go reach 100 fi one US soon soon. Open unno eyes I ya Lets pray "Eternal father, bless our land, guide us with thy mighty hand, keeps us free from evil powers, be our light thru countless hours..."

  • Wade Cameorn

    Smart move pon Jamaica part. Dem need more revenue fi a circulate inna di country. So far mi like di movements dat da new party a do inna Jamaica. keep it up.

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