Signs your woman is cheating


By Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgHomegirls don't cuss me out but fair is fair. The guys seem to think I am unfair and they wanna know the signs to look for when their woman is cheating.

Honestly this one here is real tricky cause women are just good like that. They could be giving you the whole bakery and it would be hard to notice anything amiss!

Still as good as they are, sometimes, just sometimes they slip up...but guys, you had better make sure it's not a case of you being too darned paranoid before you go accusing the poor woman of giving away the goods.

Here are eight (8) signs to look out for that will arouse

1. You know how you guys just love to refer to us as 'madda miserable'? Think back when last did she nag you about something you failed to do? Honestly, chances are some guy is being sweet to her which has taken the focus totally off it!!

2. Don't give a damn – Yup something is definitely amiss when she starts going all out in her appearance and if you criticize saying you don't like a certain outfit and she shrugs it off! doesn't matter again what you think about how she looks...hmm, someone is happy elsewhere with that new look.

3. We now moves to Me...In the beginning of the relationship you guys were a team. If she is buying a car, she needs your input...a television she wants you there...if only just for company. These days you are lucky if you know what she is up to. On top of that when you ask questions surrounding her movements she tells you that you are 'crowding her'. I see it's time for a little more invasion!

4. Headaches increasing – Be careful on this one though. Some headaches are real! But if you were the type that lives for sex and suddenly she is having all these headaches that prevents some bedroom are definitely getting some signal here.

5. Tightness check...Guys this can only work if you are very alert. If you have been away for a month or even two weeks and when you return the pumps feel as if it was in action…you know the kind of resistance you should feel from an inactive vagina is not probably wasn't parked as you thought.

6. You don't move her in bed no, if your lovemaking used to do it for her and it's no longer cutting it...then chances are she had someone who showed her a better deal, making yours pale in comparison.

7. Watch the girlfriends – Guys this one will be the hardest one to catch her in, cause women really make time for their girlfriends and they cover for each other! But sometimes, girlfriends are just ploys to meet up with the other guys. She has her time with him, make it back to girlfriend's house and poor dumb you still none the wiser for these activities.

8. Waterworks – Every woman knows that when all else fails go for the waterworks! If you get suspicious, we cry about being hurt that you don't trust us and by the time we are through you are left feeling sorry for us...and of course we are one side laughing our heads off...yeah we kinda figured the tears would turn the argument around.