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da_brat.jpgFollowing a dispute with a waitress at a nightclub northeast of Atlanta, 33-year-old Da Brat was arrested early Thursday (November 1).

Shawntae Harrie aka Da Brat was charged with aggravated assault according to DeKalb County Police spokeswoman Mekka Parish.

Officers answered a call to Studio 72 at 1:20 a.m. about a "brief pushing sort of thing," Parish said.

Police couldn't say whether the nightclub is the one that Jermaine Dupri opened earlier this year, but the street address is the same. Club owners couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

The police report indicates Harris and a 24-year-old waitress at the club got into a squabble after the waitress bumped into her. At some point, the waitress walked away and moments later was hit in the face with the bottle of rum.

According to the police spokeswoman the waitress, who sustained a deep laceration to the cheek and some swelling on the forehead, was driven to a hospital by a friend.

Harris' address is listed as Chicago. It wasn't known why she was in the Atlanta area.

Harris was the first female rapper to have a platinum-selling album. She has appeared on VH1 reality shows "Celebrity Fit Club" and "The Surreal Life."


bow_wow&omarion.jpgBow Wow and Omarian diss their ex in new song
Well, well, well, men can be real petty too. Bow Wow and Omarion have a new song coming out and from according to it will be casting some words at the women now out of their lives.

The website claimed that a member of Bow Wow's camp, the song is a thinly veiled attempt to go after their exes Ciara (who used to date Bow Wow) and Rihanna (who used to date Omarion).

"The song was initially supposed to be a male version of the TLC song Scrubs. But Bow Wow and Omarion put their own personal twist on it. There are a few things in it that only Ciara and Rihanna would understand...I can't wait to hear their response," the insider revealed.